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Arrowsmith Programme

Arrowsmith Programme at Seven Oaks                        

The Arrowsmith Programme (www.arrowsmithschool.org) from Canada, is an innovative programme for children and adults that has proven effective for students having difficulty with reading, writing and mathematics, comprehension, logical reasoning, problem solving, visual and auditory memory, non-verbal learning, attention, processing speed and dyslexia.

Children are taken out from the usual school learning programmes for on-going, intensive periods of specific brain exercises each day designed for their particular learning disability. Rather than going through life with the same challenge, they very often get to overcome that learning challenge. Children need to meet programme pre-requisites and after three to four-years reintegrate back into the normal school programme with average grades at their appropriate year level.

Is the Arrowsmith Program suitable for you or your child?

The Arrowsmith Program® Cognitive Profile Questionnaire is now live on the Arrowsmith website.  After completing the questionnaire a short report is generated outlining the cognitive functions that questionnaire taker noted as strengths or difficulties. This is a great tool for parents and potential students who are interested in knowing if the program could help.

Complete the Arrowsmith Program® Cognitive Profile Questionnaire to find out.

Further Information

Open Letter to Prospective Arrowsmith Parents/Adults (pdf) 

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Christchurch Arrowsmith Parents comment, after approx. 6 weeks in the program, June 2015

Arrowsmith Programme Overview pamphlet (pdf:2.85MB)

Student Suitability Checklist (pdf)

"Parents campaign for learning disability programme"
Newspaper article by Jody O'Callaghan, The Christchurch Press, 16, October 2014 

Howard Eaton.  Research Director for the Arrowsmith Program