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Realise your potential with the Arrowsmith Program®

Seven Oaks is proud to be able to offer this incredible program to Seven Oaks students and non-enrolled students, including adults. Often people with average or above average intelligence can struggle with everyday things like reading, writing, maths, comprehension, dyslexia, attention, problem-solving, logical reasoning, visual or auditory memory. Whatever your age and stage of life, the Arrowsmith Program® could well be the solution you are seeking.
Increasing learning capacity

The program works by identifying and strengthening areas of cognitive (brain processing) weakness that affect learning. It deals with the root causes of learning disabilities, supporting students to learn more easily and efficiently. It doesn’t teach content, but increases the capacity of students to learn so they can absorb, retain, process and use the content. This approach allows learners to proceed through their academic or vocational careers with strengthened cognitive functioning and to succeed where before they struggled and often failed.

How does it work?

Arrowsmith students undertake intensive periods of specific brain exercises each day following an assessment of their particular learning disability profile. After three years at Seven Oaks, most students have made significant improvements that they would previously not thought possible.

What would my day look like?

Students undertake four 40-minute sessions of intensive brain-changing work in the morning in addition to a maths, reading or writing lesson. Their afternoons are spent with Seven Oaks students experiencing a wide range of activities – including sport, term options, gardening, crafts and socio-literacy. Arrowsmith students participate in whole-school activities such as outings, productions and camps. The richness of these afternoon programmes and the natural inclusion of Arrowsmith students in the wider Seven Oaks community adds a powerful healing element to students’ self-esteem.

Who is eligible for the Arrowsmith Program?

Seven Oaks accepts students in Arrowsmith from age 9. Although Seven Oaks does not currently have a secondary school programme, a range of options make it possible for us to accept Year 9-15 students. Please contact us to discuss how it might work for you. Adult students are accepted into the program on a full-time (four or five 40-minute sessions per day) or part-time basis as places become available.

Interested in the Arrowsmith Program for adults?

Adult Arrowsmith Program

Our Arrowsmith adult program accepts new students on either a full-time (four or five 40-minute sessions per day) or part-time basis as places become available. Please enquire for more details.

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The top 10 outcomes of Arrowsmith Program include improving students' ability to:
See how words and numbers interconnect sequentially into fluent sentences and procedures.
Learn and produce a written sequence of words or numbers, or express thought in speech.
Understand the relationship between concepts – like reading hands on a clock or understanding cause and effect.
Remember chunks of auditory information, such as instructions.
Learn to pronounce syllables and then integrate them into the consistent pronunciation of a word.
Develop and maintain plans and strategies through the use of language.
Visually recognize and remember a word or symbol.
Remember several unrelated words in a series e.g. learning the names of things or synonyms.
Register and interpret non-verbal information e.g. interpreting their own emotions or the facial expressions and body language of others and plan and problem solve non-verbally.
Carry out internal sequential mental operations, such as mental maths.
Find out if it's for you

To find out whether the Arrowsmith Program could help you or your child, either complete the simple Checklist, or The Arrowsmith Program® Cognitive Profile Questionnaire, which is a comprehensive tool, which will provide you with a report outlining the cognitive functions that are strengths or difficulties.


The MSS At Home Program

A learning program that fits in with your life

The MSS At Home Program is a part time, at-home programme designed for working adults and for students enrolled at other schools. It specifically targets people with dyslexia, dysgraphia and speech difficulties.

This programme addresses the area in the brain that is responsible for the motor planning necessary for efficient and automatic writing. It typically increases reading speed, improves handwriting, reduces careless errors in written work, increases the capacity for hand eye coordination, and improves fluency in speech.

After an initial assessment at Seven Oaks, the student engages in a specified number of hours per week of the  programme at home and attends a fortnightly check-in at Seven Oaks for ongoing monitoring and feedback. Contact us to find out more.

What the students say

“I like the freedom”

I like the freedom and the trust. Seven Oaks lets you be yourself.

Hana, student (age 11)

“The educators are kind”

You can be yourself and express who you are. I like wearing what I want and calling educators by their first name.

Alena, student (age 13)

“I like the options”

The play time is different. The teachers are cool. I like the options and the learning.

Finn, student (age 11)

“Imagination interwoven with education”

Seven Oaks is the kind of school that lets you excel in all subjects. It is a school of freedom and openness that brings out...

Devon, student (age 12)

“I want to send my children to this school”

I love that you get to know everyone – it doesn’t matter what year you are in.

Cadigan, student (age 7)

“Plenty of playtime, books to read”

Plenty of playtime, great school trips, lots of games, sandpit, lots of water...

Ryan, student (age 10)

“I have freedom”

It is the best school in the world because I have freedom - to be outside and play.

Maddie, student (age 6)