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Make the right move – only happy children can really thrive

Children who are unhappy at school don’t just suffer emotionally, their learning and their self-esteem are also being damaged. Research shows that the longer their unhappiness continues, the more likely it is that the damage will be permanent. Changing schools is often a huge emotional hurdle, but if it's the right move, you won't look back.

Distracted or overlooked?

Most schools have a standardised approach to the wide variety of individual personalities in their care, and Modern Learning Environments (MLEs) are usually busy and noisy, over-stimulating students and distracting them from their work. Teachers are often overwhelmed by the behavioural issues of the few and frustrated that they cannot adequately support the many students who just want to get on with their learning. Everyone suffers.

Bored or not progressing?

Over half of NZ students report being bored at school. Standard lessons do not allow for students’ personal interests or reflect different learning styles. When your child says school is boring, they are telling you they are not being challenged or stimulated in a healthy way.

Bullied or feeling isolated?

New Zealand’s schools have one of the highest rates of bullying in the world and most teachers feel unable to deal with it effectively, given the number of students in their charge at any one time. Bullying can be verbal, physical or social, but the effects on well-being are devastating whichever form it takes. Your child may not tell you or even realise if they are being bullied.

unhappy kids

Warning signs include

  • social isolation
  • feelings of shame
  • sleep disturbance
  • changes in eating habits
  • low self-esteem
  • school avoidance
  • symptoms of anxiety
  • bedwetting
  • physical complaints with no obvious medical cause
  • poor school performance
  • symptoms of depression

Your child deserves better

Seven Oaks offers a positive, child-centred learning environment that overcomes the limitations of mainstream schooling

Small classes

A maximum of 17 students per educator means they can get to know each student and ensure they find the right fit.

Culturing individuality

Through Building Brilliance, the part of curriculum that focuses on personal growth, we recognise, develop and celebrate each student’s individuality

Learn your way, at your pace

Personalised learning plans help students to stay engaged

Calm and natural environment

A wide variety of learning spaces and a calm atmosphere throughout our school

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