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Enrolling at Seven Oaks

Our enrolment process is designed to help determine if Seven Oaks is the best school for your child. To start the process, please contact us for a Registration of Interest form. We will then invite you to visit our school and meet the principal, Jeremy, at which point you can find out more about the school and ask any questions. Jeremy will show you around and explain our educational approach. You will then be invited to complete a formal Student Enrolment Form and proceed through our enrolment process.

The next step will be for your child to spend a trial day with us for a personal Seven Oaks experience and evaluation.

If we need to place your child on a waiting list, we will keep in touch with you via email newsletters and notices and will contact you when a space becomes available, to invite you to proceed with enrolment. If your child is under the age of four, registering your interest now will put your child higher up the waiting list. You will be placed on our database and will receive our email newsletters and notices. We will automatically contact you when your child reaches four to find out if you wish to proceed with enrolment.

o   If you don’t live in New Zealand and are interested in enrolling your child at Seven Oaks, please contact our Principal.

School fees

Our school fees are around 30% lower than most independent schools because we believe this kind of education should be accessible to more families. Fees cover all tuition costs, including stationery and most project materials. Non-compulsory outings such as swimming, skiing and camp, some options and personal project materials are invoiced separately. These typically add up to a few hundred dollars per student over the course of each year.

Seven Oaks School fees for primary and intermediate students

$9800 per year including GST

Arrowsmith Program

Class fees for full-time enrolled students:
$19,500 per year including GST
Class fees for full-time non-enrolled/adult students:
$19,990 per year including GST


A limited number of scholarships are available each year to students from lower income families, to assist with the cost of school fees.

For existing students, applications must be received by February 19th each year. For prospective students, applications must be received within two weeks of confirmation of enrolment.

Specific income criteria and other conditions apply. As the fund is limited, some eligible applicants may not get a scholarship. All decisions will be made by the board at their sole discretion and will remain confidential. Personal information divulged in the application form will be used solely by the board members who are selected to consider applications and only for the purpose of considering the application.

Coming up
  1. Term 1 open day

    March 21, 2019 at 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

“Free to fly with ideas”

It felt right. I haven't been disappointed. My son is happy, wants to go to school, is excited about learning again and is free to fly with his ideas.

Nicola, parent

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“Learning through doing”

The single biggest stand-out feature of the school is the massive hearts, love and nurturing, hugs and support that the kids get without condition

Ange, parent

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“We love Seven Oaks”

In only 3 months she has just blossomed from an anxious, unsettled child who hated school, to a bubbly, enthusiastic (most of the time), creative girl

Kezia, parent

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“Believe in yourself”

Our daughter has started to believe in herself again, feeling she is listened to and respected

Eleanor, parent

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“Amazing parent community”

By simply placing her in the right environment, it has highlighted just how much she was suffering at her old school. She loves school and learning again!

Mark, parent

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“Back to her bubbly self again”

For us, it’s like secretly winning the lottery!  The school’s holistic approach is looking after her mental health as well as her education

Tom, parent

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“Growing resilience”

Small class sizes and play-based activities have had a significant impact on our child’s learning. We have noticed a growing resilience and increased ability to solve problems

Sonja, parent

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“More curious and interactive”

Our daughter returns home happy and energised, such a different experience to the mainstream modern learning environment.

Lou, parent

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“Exceptional educators”

My daughter, who is extremely shy, settled into the school very quickly, forming trusting relationships with them. I believe having great teachers is the best I could hope for my child.

Naomi, parent

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