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2019 results: from strength to strength

As an independent school, our performance is regularly evaluated by ERO. We also seek feedback from parents and students regularly so we can continue to evolve and fine-tune what we offer.

Our academic results are even outperforming New Zealand’s top private schools. Every two years we measure our literacy and numeracy results in Year 5-8 classes, using the nationwide Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT’s). Our most recent results (2019) continue to show this pattern of high achievement. In mathematics, Seven Oaks students average score is 30% higher than the national average for students of their age. Listening comprehension is 16% higher, reading comprehension is 34% higher and reading vocabulary is also 34% higher than the national average for students of their age. Girls and boys score higher than the national average.

Seven Oaks Progressive Achievement Test (PAT) Results 2019

(Percentage comparison with national average)

Starting early pays off – the following chart shows that PAT scores grow with every year the student spends at our school.

Seven Oaks Progressive Achievement Test (PAT) Results 2019

(By length of time at Seven Oaks)

Latest ERO report highlights

“High academic achievement”
Learning areas such as literacy and numeracy are woven into delivery of play-based and thematic programmes. Achievement information shows that children who have been at the school for some time achieve highly in these subjects.

“Educators value students’ opinions”
Children’s views and opinions are strongly valued. Personalised programs provide children with considerable choice about their learning. They are effectively taught how to reflect on their emotional well-being, progress and achievements and to set personal goals.


“Real-life learning opportunities”
Children are well supported to understand their own learning and to share their knowledge and understanding with others. They have many opportunities for real-life learning experiences and to build positive relationships with others.

“Focus on children’s wellbeing and social-emotional intelligence”
Trustees and educators work collaboratively and show a strong culture of care, actively promoting the well-being of children. 

Teachers actively assist children to develop as self-motivated and peaceful individuals who feel empowered to make a difference in the world. There is a strong focus on children’s well-being, sense of self and global citizenship, with an emphasis on building character and emotional intelligence.

“Positive relationships”
Calm, confident educators work in caring, thoughtful ways to nurture individual learning styles. They make themselves available to students and students’ parents and take time to discuss students’ learning and development. There are positive relationships between trustees, educators, parents and students.

“Individualised learning”

Teachers know students and their families well. A low student to teacher ratio enables greater individual attention. Teachers make appropriate adjustments to planning to meet and extend children’s learning based on their individual interests and strengths.

“Ecological foundation”

Purpose-built classrooms and large outdoor areas provide considerable opportunities for children to extend their learning and explore their natural environment.

Read full 2019 ERO report

Parent survey results (2019)

Reading/writing/maths programmes are working well for our child

The learning our child does is at the right level of challenge for them

Our child's successes and strengths are recognised and celebrated

Holistic growth and wellbeing of students are the highest priorities

Our child learns to develop their thinking and learning abilities

Our child's educator regularly shares their progress and successes with us

Student survey results (2019)

I enjoy going to school

My educator listens to me and helps me when I have a problem

My educator makes learning interesting

We learn how to learn for ourselves rather than just being taught stuff

I learn lots of ways to care about nature and the environment

Students treat each other with care and respect

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