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Shoreline habitat project

Beach exploration day

A great photo finish to our day at Taylors Mistake last term – kids and mud is a perfect recipe for fun, and we learnt heaps about our local shoreline habitats.

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What the students say

“The educators are kind”

You can be yourself and express who you are. I like wearing what I want and calling educators by their first name.

Alena, student (age 13)

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“I want to send my children to this school”

I love that you get to know everyone – it doesn’t matter what year you are in.

Cadigan, student (age 7)

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“Plenty of playtime, books to read”

Plenty of playtime, great school trips, lots of games, sandpit, lots of water...

Ryan, student (age 10)

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“I have freedom”

It is the best school in the world because I have freedom - to be outside and play.

Maddie, student (age 6)

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