“Learning through doing”

“Learning through doing”

We have been truly fortunate to have been involved with Seven Oaks since the beginning with our three children. The single biggest stand-out feature of the school is the massive hearts, love and nurturing, hugs and support that the kids get without condition.  This allows them to feel confidence and find their feet and their path in their own time. The educators have room to breathe, educate and be passionate about it and the kids benefit immensely. We loved the thought that our kids were learning through doing, learning about responsibility and respect (for themselves, each other, property and the planet) and having great attitudes and self motivation to explore so many more than the traditional offerings.  Hunter is 13 and has significant special needs has now moved on to a special needs school, Greer, 11, is at Rangi and Paige, 9, is still here.  My favourite memories are of Greer narrating a school production (she’s a fantastic reader but her ‘crowd’ confidence was still building) and being allowed to sit where she couldn’t see the audience.  The next year she couldn’t be stopped from auditioning for a part!  Paige at 7 years old, stepped up at home one night and cooked omelettes and brussel sprouts for 5 people for dinner without being asked, as I had my arms full dealing with Hunter. The kids are encouraged to use a help process at school to aid in resolving any conflicts. Both girls took great pride in making a poster at home and teaching this process to James and I, and we have used it many times since. I’m always so thrilled to walk in to an argument only to hear one of them say something along the lines of “well we both want the same thing, so what are our choices… shall we use a timer?” and I can happily go on my way. Functions and events are so well organised and the children really understand the end-to-end processes involved, from picking fruit, cooking it, preserving it, making posters, selling it, handling money etc etc. Best of all, every day I would arrive at pick-up to find happy, smiley children beaming down at me from the tops of trees.

Ange, parent

Seven Oaks School

Ange, parent

The single biggest stand-out feature of the school is the massive hearts, love and nurturing, hugs and support that the kids get without condition


What the students say

“The educators are kind”

You can be yourself and express who you are. I like wearing what I want and calling educators by their first name.

Alena, student (age 13)

“I like the options”

The play time is different. The teachers are cool. I like the options and the learning.

Finn, student (age 11)

“Imagination interwoven with education”

Seven Oaks is the kind of school that lets you excel in all subjects. It is a school of freedom and openness that brings out the full potential in children.... Read more

Devon, student (age 12)

“I like the freedom”

I like the freedom and the trust. Seven Oaks lets you be yourself.

Hana, student (age 11)

“I want to send my children to this school”

I love that you get to know everyone – it doesn’t matter what year you are in.

Cadigan, student (age 7)

“Plenty of playtime, books to read”

Plenty of playtime, great school trips, lots of games, sandpit, lots of water...

Ryan, student (age 10)

“I have freedom”

It is the best school in the world because I have freedom - to be outside and play.

Maddie, student (age 6)