“Our son now sets his own goals”

“Our son now sets his own goals”

After finding out about our son’s learning disability, we started searching new schools. He was losing confidence, avoiding new relationships and challenges.
When I came to the Open Day, it wasn’t for the academic purpose, for personal development. I was fascinated by Seven Oaks’ philosophy. Educators, staff, students and family are making a beautiful harmony. Seven Oaks offers Arrowsmith programme for learning disabilities, so it was a good surprise and bonus for us. I felt the door was open for us, and made the decision to step in. Now [our son] sets his own goals and is even enjoying the challenge. Thanks to Michele, a wonderful educator, and older students in the programme helped him to settle in smoothly. Every day I think how lucky we are! We could find the best way and are growing together with Seven Oaks.

Ilhye, parent


Ilhye, parent

I felt the door was open for us, and made the decision to step in. Now [our son] sets his own goals and is even enjoying the challenge.

What the students say

“I like the freedom”

I like the freedom and the trust. Seven Oaks lets you be yourself.

Hana, student (age 11)

“The educators are kind”

You can be yourself and express who you are. I like wearing what I want and calling educators by their first name.

Alena, student (age 13)

“I like the options”

The play time is different. The teachers are cool. I like the options and the learning.

Finn, student (age 11)

“Imagination interwoven with education”

Seven Oaks is the kind of school that lets you excel in all subjects. It is a school of freedom and openness that brings out the full potential in children.... Read more

Devon, student (age 12)

“I want to send my children to this school”

I love that you get to know everyone – it doesn’t matter what year you are in.

Cadigan, student (age 7)

“Plenty of playtime, books to read”

Plenty of playtime, great school trips, lots of games, sandpit, lots of water...

Ryan, student (age 10)

“I have freedom”

It is the best school in the world because I have freedom - to be outside and play.

Maddie, student (age 6)

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