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How our holistic education
nurtures brilliance

Seven Oaks School exists because its founders, who are parents themselves, feel that children are being crushed by mainstream education. Years of research and examination of best-practice pedagogy around the world resulted in our unique educational model and the Brilliant Curriculum, both of which highly value the holistic wellbeing of children, including social, emotional and spiritual aspects. Because Seven Oaks is an independent school, we are able to offer your children an education unlike any other, no matter where you live.

The Seven Oaks approach


Our curriculum, culture and campus are empowering and uplifting

Self-growth, social skills, ecology as core subjects

High expectations and consistent boundaries

Natural environment

Student voices heard and responded to

Focus on collaboration rather than competition


Experiences are appealing and personally meaningful

Student-initiated projects

Real-world experiential leaning activities

Current issues explored and acted upon

Contemporary information and knowledge

Personal goal-setting


Authentic, empathetic educators guide students

Caring, highly skilled educators

Small class sizes

Relaxed, highly personal culture

Strong community feeling

Assessment focused on personal growth not national norms


Happy, balanced, capable and successful students

Strong self-awareness and confidence

High levels of resilience and creativity

Well developed leadership abilities

Outstanding academic results

Personal and professional success

Why we inspire

Students need and want the freedom to question old practices and to create healthy new ones that will require substantial changes in our society.

The Brilliant Curriculum is designed to develop the whole (body, mind, spirit) of every student and give students a strong voice in their learning and in the school site itself. We help them to graduate as highly capable young adults who understand who they are with ability to work alongside others to be an inspiring constructive force in our world.

"You can be yourself and let your imagination go wild."

Xanthe, age 10

"Something AWESOME happens every day at school"

Cadigan, age 7

Why we engage

According to statistics, 62% of NZ students find school boring, wondering why they are required to learn ‘stuff’ that has little or no relevance to their lives.

Students live in the real world, with real-life issues and their own set of interests and abilities. The Brilliant Curriculum looks to deeply engage every student in their learning, putting it into personally meaningful, practical, real-life contexts wherever possible. Core learning such as literacy and numeracy are complemented by a range of optional subjects and personally-chosen projects. Computers enable them to access an unlimited supply of up-to-date information to make learning relevant to their lives.

Why we nurture

When students feel safe, heard and valued they are open to positive learning.

Research shows that great teachers achieve outstanding academic and social results through strong interpersonal relationships while impersonal, results-oriented teachers tend to turn students off learning. Brilliant educators have four key attributes: a high level of inner strength that allows them to hold their realness and self-authority in the difficult situations they will often find themselves; the ability to genuinely accept, trust and warmly care for every student without judgement; the ability to empathize with each student, to see and respond to their unique situation and current experience; and the ability to facilitate rather than dictate learning.

"Nice teachers… fun things to learn … I get help when I need it"

Ryan, age 10

"This school helps you excel in all subjects. It is a school of freedom and openness"

Devon, age 12

What is brilliance?

Brilliance is typically attributed to a small number of people with outstanding performances in academic, scientific, artistic or sporting fields.

We regard brilliance to be an ‘instanding’ quality available to anyone who commits to developing it. Brilliant people don’t fit into a box, they are open, confident, alive, understand and love all of themselves. They know what they stand for and their brightness positively impacts people and the planet around them.

Our results

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Nicola, parent

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Ange, parent

“We love Seven Oaks”

In only 3 months she has just blossomed from an anxious, unsettled child who hated school, to a bubbly, enthusiastic...

Kezia, parent

“Amazing parent community”

By simply placing her in the right environment, it has highlighted just how much she was suffering at her old...

Mark, parent

“Believe in yourself”

Our daughter has started to believe in herself again, feeling she is listened to and respected

Eleanor, parent