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Your child deserves the best start


Small classes and caring, skilled educators help our youngest students transition to school


Students choose what interests them and we help them build and extend their abilities


Happy and engaged students are able to push the boundaries of their imagination
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Charlotte Syme
Charlotte Syme

“I love the joy children's energy brings to the world. Taking new steps and discovering new concepts is a fascinating and rewarding journey – I get to experience this every day with my students.”

Parents always welcome

Parents are welcome to come and support their children while they settle in. Charlotte provides ongoing feedback and stories about progress to ensure the dialogue between home and school is always open and clear

A caring and positive environment

In the early years of being at school, children spend a lot of time developing their emotional and creative capabilities. Starting school is a big deal and all too often a traumatic experience for parents and children. We provide a really positive and personal introduction to our caring school community to make the transition easy for the child and their parents/care-givers.
We have fun in Year 0-2
Making every day fun

Play-based learning sounds like fun and it is, but oh so much more! Children are offered a wide variety of activities inside and outside, so our educators can discover their natural interests. Educators then provoke deeper and wider learning using the power of children’s own imaginations and motivation in areas they already find engaging. This is the most powerful way to introduce the NZ Curriculum and the Brilliant Curriculum.

Emotional support

A vital part of the Brilliant Curriculum centres on emotional development, and our children learn to identify their different feelings and work positively through personal challenges that arise from interactions with others. Each day, we support them in reflecting on their experiences.

A gentle introduction to academics

We offer a ‘soft start’ to reading, writing and numbers for most students, and an accelerated program for those who are ready to learn at a faster pace to keep them interested and engaged.  Afternoons offer an opportunity to mix with other children in the school to learn music, sport and other activities that change each term.

Keeping it real

Practical life skills are learned through activities like caring for the school’s chickens and sharing their bounty. Students have their own garden in which they grow vegetables. Morning tea is prepared in class, so students learn where their food comes from and how it gets to the table. They learn about nutrition and how their body responds to the fuel it is provided with. Regular trips to Halswell Quarry extend their connection with nature’s offerings.

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