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Years 5 and 6


Educators provide a strong framework of understanding and acceptance, showing students they believe in their ability to achieve


Students are encouraged to develop passion projects, applying and extending their knowledge across all areas as they turn their ideas into reality


As students mature, they look out into the world for new ideas to feed their strong imaginations
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“Watching students really take off with their ideas – when everything they've learned at Seven Oaks about themselves and their capabilities really shows – is phenomenal. They're quite incredible human beings.”


Consolidating learning and growing creativity

This is typically a consolidation period for students. They are still in the middle of their creative development, and nature now shifts the brain’s focus from emotional development to the further opening of its rational/logical abilities.
Developing teamwork and confidence

Reading, writing and maths is a strong focus for year 5 and 6 students, strongly based on meaningful real-world experiences.

Students regularly meet with their educator to review their learning pathway. Projects, selected by students and guided by educators, are an important factor in growing their creativity and self expression. Students are guided to learn team skills and leadership skills and are encouraged to grow through personal and group challenges.

Cognitive development continues through advancing Feuerstein levels. Social responsibility is fostered through encouragement to consider their actions and their influence on others from what feels right in their hearts and minds.

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    March 21, 2019 at 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

“Free to fly with ideas”

It felt right. I haven't been disappointed. My son is happy, wants to go to school, is excited about learning again and is free to fly with his ideas.

Nicola, parent

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“Learning through doing”

The single biggest stand-out feature of the school is the massive hearts, love and nurturing, hugs and support that the kids get without condition

Ange, parent

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“We love Seven Oaks”

In only 3 months she has just blossomed from an anxious, unsettled child who hated school, to a bubbly, enthusiastic (most of the time), creative girl

Kezia, parent

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“Believe in yourself”

Our daughter has started to believe in herself again, feeling she is listened to and respected

Eleanor, parent

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“Amazing parent community”

By simply placing her in the right environment, it has highlighted just how much she was suffering at her old school. She loves school and learning again!

Mark, parent

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“Back to her bubbly self again”

For us, it’s like secretly winning the lottery!  The school’s holistic approach is looking after her mental health as well as her education

Tom, parent

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“Growing resilience”

Small class sizes and play-based activities have had a significant impact on our child’s learning. We have noticed a growing resilience and increased ability to solve problems

Sonja, parent

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“More curious and interactive”

Our daughter returns home happy and energised, such a different experience to the mainstream modern learning environment.

Lou, parent

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“Exceptional educators”

My daughter, who is extremely shy, settled into the school very quickly, forming trusting relationships with them. I believe having great teachers is the best I could hope for my child.

Naomi, parent

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